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A Steady Rain (Keith Huff) - GERMAN Premiere
Süddeutsche Zeitung (Southgerman Newspaper),
Irmgengard Gnau
 ... Patrick Wolff and Patrick Gabriel, who has already been seen in several productions of Bernd Seidel, embody Joey and Denny in the truest sense of the word... "A Steady Rain" is based entirely on the intense play of its two rightly acclaimed leading actors. After all, Bernd Seidel wanted a real actor´s piece. The tension, carried by the two main actors, lasts until the end ...
Münchner Merkur
Arno Preiser


... After two and a half hours, the actors deserved the big applause. The duo kept the tension up in an emotionally loaded monologue and dialogue, expressed pathos and confusion in a rather cool way and thus corresponded to the American original ...